Buy or Sell a Boatyard or Shipyard Service Facility

Rich Roughen has extensive experience buying, selling and operating Shipyards and Boatyards in the USA.

Overhead photo of Shipyard and Storage facilityA shipyard or mega-yacht service facility is the most complex “machine” in the Marine Industry.  Hundreds, if not thousands of open work orders can be open at any given time.  Tens of thousands of parts and special orders, billable and non-billable technicians, sub-contractors and crew, accountants and captains, owners and management all interacting on wildly expensive yachts and all trying to accommodate the vessel’s critical refit and launch schedules are challenges that cannot be understood without having worked there.

Questions to Ask when preparing to sell your Shipyard or Boatyard business:

  • How do you determine the value of such an operation?
  • How do you sell it to a buyer who wants to make that kind of investment?

All good questions with one good answer: “…hire a qualified Maritime Broker who operated shipyards for a living!”

Be Prepared.

The steps to a successful transaction are time-consuming. Foresight and hard work are required in order to be prepared, so that a Seller can provide accurate information and a real sense of urgency when the buyer shows up to get the deal done.  A Seller must be able to trust the competence of his broker to bring a buyer at the right value and in the shortest possible time.

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