At NATIONAL MARINA SALES you can be assured that your Commercial Maritime Broker has occupied responsible, high-level positions at marine facilities like yours.  You can expect him to understand your business thoroughly and to aggressively represent your best interests from a position of strength.  The well-deserved financial fruits of a deal where you are represented by a focused, knowledgeable and experienced expert will become clear as the transaction progresses.  We are laser-focused on achieving the HIGHEST VALUE for you in the shortest possible time!  We will handle everything.

The captain (broker) of your marina deal must know where to place the straps and how to avoid hazards when the heavy lifting begins!  He must know how far to reach and the right speed to swing when it comes to transferring your prized possession (your property and your business).  Pretending to know the buzz-words is dangerous, and a captain like that can put your entire transaction at risk...


We are available to provide a free and comprehensive review of your marina operations and your financial statements in advance of taking your facility to market.  We should work together ahead of time to “fine-tune” and to position your facility in its best possible light. When the time comes to go to market, the details will be assembled, profitability should be maximized, the facility should be neat and clean, and the highest price in the shortest possible time will be achieved.

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