Boat Service Yards For sale

Boat Service Yards For sale

Competent representation for the acquisition or disposition of a marine service facility requires a deep understanding of job-costing methods and measures by which labor, materials, sub-contractors, and amenities are managed, accounted for and applied.  Understanding the details of how a marine service operation is conducted, having the experience to identify opportunities for improvements and growth, and possessing the professional training and experience to create an accurate and defensible financial projection for the future of any potential acquisition are only a few of the critical areas where our expertise is so rare.

From operations to accounting systems, we are fully trained and experienced with advanced degrees in accounting and finance (CPA, MBA).  We have decades of hands-on street knowledge as past owners and operators of some of the world’s largest and most robust marine service facilities.  This is a unique industry that requires specialized knowledge when the time comes to sell.  Nobody can represent your interests as we can.

Rick is a uniquely qualified Commercial Maritime Broker. He brings genuine knowledge and experience earned through years of assisting owners with Boat Service Yards For sale. As a Shipyard Operator, as a Financial Officer, and as a Boat Dealership Owner who has been responsible for high-level financial reporting for some of the largest and most robust marine facilities in the world, Rick brings exceptional knowledge and understanding to his clientele. His team will be proud to serve your interests with urgency and professionalism.
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