National Marina Sales

Merco Marine

Merco Marine manufactures nearly 500 different products for dock systems, marinas, and industrial applications. Wood dock hardware, pile guides, stationary dock components, truss frames, ladders, cleats, corner bumpers, piling caps, and many other products. In total we sell 1,350 unique individual items. Plus, we stock […]

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EZ Dock

Why EZ Port over competitive products?   EZ Port PWC Lifts can be used individually or can be made part of a complete EZ Dock System.  Additional EZ Dock sections can be used along with your EZ Ports for walkways, landings, and swim platforms.  […]

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Totally Automated Procedure Great Economic advantages by using optimal space utilization Boats up to 75+ feet (23m) and 175,000 pounds (or more) can be stored on any level Boats can be stored 3 to 5 deep if required Excellent profitability – increase revenue per […]

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Arial view of Marina for Sale

Marinetek North America, Inc.

Over the last 25 years Marinetek has built more than 2 000 marinas in 50 countries, from the Arctic Circle to the Persian Gulf, South East Asia and the Caribbean. Marinetek is one of the leading marina developers in the world. Due to its […]

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Boat Float

BOAT FLOAT is all about celebrating life and helping protect any boat, anywhere.  At Boat-Float, we stand by 6 key values in order to produce excellent results and unmatchable service: ZING: We Celebrate Life in all things that we do. SALTY: We’re real people. HELL-BENT: As trailblazers, […]

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Marine Development, Inc.

Marinas and Floating Boat Docks – Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Installation and Repair As seasoned experts in marine construction, we design, build and install freshwater floating docks for marinas. Our experience spans over 40 years and our projects can be found in lakes, rivers and […]

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AccuDock® is the leading floating dock manufacturer worldwide, providing waterfront solutions for a variety of outdoor activities. AccuDock not only uses the highest quality USA sourced materials but offers a degree of customization that allows each customer to purchase a floating dock that suits their […]

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Meeco Sullivan

Meeco Sullivan Brings Over 107 Years of Freshwater and Saltwater Experience to Your Marina or Dock Project. Atlantic Meeco and Sullivan Flotation Systems have provided flotation system design and construction services for over 50 years. In 1961 Sullivan Flotation Systems was founded by John Sullivan to […]

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Decks & Docks Lumber Co.

Decks & Docks Lumber Company supplies the marine construction industry across Florida and the southeast U.S. If you’re building a deck, dock or seawall anywhere near water, come talk to us. We are the experts in the niche of marine construction. Whether you’re a […]

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Bellingham Marine

Bellingham Marine is the global leader in design, manufacture, and construction of marinas and related products and services. Bellingham Marine enjoys an unrivaled reputation within the industry and has installed more than 20 million square feet of concrete floating docks throughout the world. BMI’s reputation is directly attributable […]

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Wahoo Docks

A boat dock endures some sort of stress 24/7. Considering the hazards of poor boat dock design, you’d think every dock on the market would be painstakingly drafted by an engineering professional. But that’s just not the case. There are actually very few engineers in the entire aluminum […]

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