A certain amount of expertise is required in order to properly value a marina.  I’m Rick, and I have a complete understanding of how the marina operations, the equipment, the cash flows, and the real estate play, are all critical for determining the current market value of your facility. Any alternatively simplistic approach will not provide a true and realistic justification for the price you deserve.  Cap-rates on EBITDA and discounted cash-flows are only a piece of the valuation process that may or may not be relevant, but there is a critical advantage to having a knowledgeable Commercial Maritime Broker who will work for you do to establish maximum value for your marina. When we meet to discuss your circumstance and to observe and analyze your marina or shipyard (at no cost to you), then we will explain the details that other brokers (who have never operated a facility like yours) can not possibly understand.How to Value My Marina

Timing is everything, value is the only thing, and based upon economic indicators in 2018 – a “seller’s market” is clearly underway.  The marketplace is on fire!  We have seen that a properly analyzed operation that is accurately represented to our buyers is fetching premium prices in record time.  Nobody is more capable and nobody will work more competently on your behalf to get that done.

Rick is a uniquely qualified Commercial Maritime Broker. He brings genuine knowledge and experience earned from decades of direct involvement in the Marine Industry. As a Shipyard Operator, as a Financial Officer, and as a Boat Dealership Owner who has been responsible for high-level financial reporting for some of the largest and most robust marine facilities in the world, Rick brings exceptional knowledge and understanding to his clientele. His team will be proud to serve your interests with urgency and professionalism.
How to Value My Marina

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