Wahoo Docks is owned by engineers and all Wahoo aluminum docks produced are designed by an engineer.

boat dock endures some sort of stress 24/7. Considering the hazards of poor boat dock design, you’d think every dock on the market would be painstakingly drafted by an engineering professional. But that’s just not the case. There are actually very few engineers in the entire aluminum dock industry creating boat dock designs. Wahoo is different. Through extensive R&D, advanced engineering principles, and decades of marine experience, we have developed our *patented boat dock system.

If you shop around, sure, you’ll find pieces of our patented aluminum floating dock designs. However, none of these imitation aluminum boat docks will capture the entirety of our dock designs or even the primary facets & benefits of a Wahoo aluminum dock.

Quality Engineered Boat Dock Plans

Each and every Wahoo aluminum dock is designed & drafted by an Engineer


Powerful Materials

Stronger, better, and more metal than other aluminum docks


Patented Boat Dock Protection

Our patented boat dock systems mean a more durable aluminum dock


Aesthetically Breathtaking Dock Designs

A Wahoo aluminum dock exudes class and distinction

“Don’t be fooled by imitators on such a major investment.  Only a Wahoo aluminum floating dock will include our patented boat dock features.”  …Tim Osby – Owner, Founder, & CEO – Wahoo Docks


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