About Seaflex

SEAFLEX is the original elastic mooring solution, used all over the world to anchor a vast range of floating applications. SEAFLEX is custom made for each specific location, designed to handle and dampen the site specific forces.

It doesn’t matter if you are building the world’s largest marina or looking to moor your private boat, providing our customers with good service and always being available to answer any questions that might arise is one of the key foundations of our company. We always strive to make the use of SEAFLEX products as easy as possible.


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The original intention of the SEAFLEX system was to secure floating docks/pontoons for marinas in the 1980’s. The invention replaces the need for traditional mooring methods such as chain, piles or cable and winch. While securing marinas and wave attenuators continue to be the most common use of SEAFLEX to this day, we also specialize in anchoring buoys, floating buildings and floating solar power plants, to mention some.

Any size

SEAFLEX offer a spectrum of different units; from single-hawser models used for smaller residential docks up to ten-hawser heavy-duty units used to secure large floating buildings and wave attenuators. SEAFLEX engineers calculates exactly what length the units needs to be to handle the site specific water level variation and waves. Providing a custom design for each project and customer is one of the core services that we provide.

Any location

SEAFLEX can be used at virtually any location, even when other mooring solutions simply are impossible. SEAFLEX is an environmentally friendly mooring solution that always stays off the sensitive seabed, making it suitable for areas with protected coral or eel grass.

A piled system does not have the dampening characteristics that SEAFLEX provides, making our system suitable for floating investments even in hurricane prone areas that sees high wind forces and storm surge.

Any challenge

Since SEAFLEX is customized to your site-specific needs, we can accommodate almost any type of environmental variables. We have experience mooring applications in areas with over 35 meter (~115 feet) water level variation and 90 meter (~300 feet) depth.

If your application is floating, chances are we have vast experience anchoring it in similar environments! Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation. To find out more about why you should choose SEAFLEX for your marina instead of other mooring solutions, please read this.