060BIO LLC, began in 2012 based on the idea that something could be done about the invasive mussel issue. Inventors Paul Coxe, and Dr John Sawyer, developed our first product, which has its roots going back to 2004/2005 when Dr Sawyer was conducting tests in Oologah Lake in Oklahoma. That product, The Dock Disk, is an effective tool in fighting both the quagga and zebra mussels. The Dock Disk has been in use since 2013 with great success and in late 2016 the Dock Disk was awarded a patent.

The Dock Disk is – Zebra Mussel Repellent 

The Dock Disk is – Quagga Mussel Repellent

The Dock Disk can safely solve your invasive mussel problem. By deploying the Dock Disk, invasive quagga and zebra mussel build up is controlled and the area of coverage is treated for a period of six months.

Your boat and infrastructure will be zebra or quagga mussel free for the life of the Dock Disk. Each Dock Disk will repel zebra and quagga mussels for six months, then simply replace with a new one for continued zebra and quagga mussel protection.

To learn more about how the Dock Disk can solve your zebra or quagga mussel issue and safely treat the area to prevent further build up, Click HERE

Zebra mussel control and treatment is a reality with the Dock Disk

Quagga mussel control and treatment is a reality with the Dock Disk