What is Swell Advantage?

/’swel ədˈvan(t)ij/ (n.)

1. When a boater uses the forward motion of a wave to get ahead of their competition in a race.

Swell Advantage is modern marina management software with a fully integrated community and customer relationship management (CRM) tool.

From day one Swell was founded to help people enjoy their time out on the water. Marinas and waterfronts are a key part of boating. We built our product with your customers in mind. We’re here to be your partner helping you create exceptional boater experiences.

Simplified facility and community management for marinas, waterfronts and boat clubs.

A Revolution in Customer Service

Empowering your staff to provide exceptional customer service with tools to engage boaters with relevant and timely information, through their preferred method of communication.


Advanced Management Support

Streamlining and simplifying the complexity of marina management to help managers make better decisions, increase accountability within the organization, and increase transparency while growing a happier, healthier community of boaters. Swell increases revenues from existing services while opening up new channels of revenue for your organization.




Swell co-founders Iaian Archibald (CEO) and Craig Sheppard (CTO)

Swell co-founders Iaian Archibald (CEO) and Craig Sheppard (CTO)

From day one Swell’s mission statement has been to help people safely enjoy the marine environment. For most boaters, the marina or boat club is where the journey begins.

Swell develops our products by working with some of the top marina managers and marina experts in the world while being driven by extensive customer feedback and observation.

We’re a dedicated team of marina professionals, technology builders and business people located in Halifax, Nova Scotia and San Diego, California.

Swell Advantage has committed to donating 1% of all revenue to non-violent ocean conservation efforts. For 2017, we donated to The Ocean Clean-Up which has developed technology to remove plastics from our oceans.

We’re always open to partnerships, feedback and suggestions. You can reach us through our toll-free number, +1-888-908-7858 or by e-mail at info@swelladvantage.com


Secure Data Management

Having organized, complete and actionable data allows you to make the right decisions and allows you to provide exceptional in-the-moment customer service anywhere in the facility. The Swell platform seamlessly manages float plans, transient requests, marina applications, wait lists, trade lists, boater communications, each boater’s individual ledger and analytics towards smooth sailing in operations.

At the same time you have a responsibility to safely manage customer data and protect your operations from malware and ransomware. With a deep background in information management for top universities and developing technology for the military, the Swell team and product are focused on keeping you and your customer’s data safe.

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Advanced Communication

Swell simplifies your daily routine allowing you to focus on your customers with all of their information at your fingertips. Customer profiles and communications can be accessed on any mobile device, anywhere in the marina.

Use e-mails, text messages, phone calls, snail mail, and fax to communicate with customers all through one interface. Messages can be translated into different languages, scheduled to fit boater lifestyles, and sent to specific groups of customers. Automated communications handle things like insurance and accounts receivable reminders.

Swell allows your team to work together to provide an exceptional level of customer service.

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Operational Accountability

In a dynamic, high touch environment like a marina, waterfront or club coordinating between staff is usually where operations get stalled. Customer service involves interacting with more than one staff member over multiple days, and key staff have mission critical information that co-workers need even when they can’t be found or have a day off.

With individual staff logins, action tracking, full communication tracking, lots of space for notes, comprehensive analytics and a full training program for new staff, Swell is designed to help staff spend less time chasing each other for information and more time focused on the client.