In 2008, GCM Contracting Solutions took dry stack facility construction to the next level. Until then, the standard material for dry stack facility construction was steel, creating a metal building that uses metal racking systems and ribbed side panels to enclose the space. With tropical storms and named hurricanes pounding Southwest Florida each year, Robert Brown, President of GCM Contracting Solutions, decided to implement the tilt-up all concrete construction method to his most recent marine project. Not long after, Hamilton Harbor Yacht Club & Boatyard, located in Naples, Florida, became the first all-concrete dry stack facility in the world. In 2016, Rose Marina which is located on Marco Island, Florida, underwent major renovations and redevelopment to become an all concrete dry stack. Most recently, Gulf Star Marina located on Fort Myers Beach underwent demolition and is being rebuilt using the all-concrete tilt-up construction. Gulf Star Marina will also be the first in the world to feature a fully-automated rack-to-water vessel delivery system, known as ASAR Marine.

With the introduction of tilt-up concrete construction, GCM Contracting Solutions established its marine division, known as Safe Harbour Dry Stacks.



Concrete Safe Harbour Dry Stacks are built to resist pressure. Solidly pinned and cemented into place, each concrete panel provides support for the structure and protection from hurricane-rated wind. Thus, they render superior integrity to any building.


Offering Value & Protection

  • 4-Hour Fire Protection

By using 12-inch-thick concrete panels to create a compartmentalized structure, this can slow down or stop a fire from spreading, which in turn can significantly lower the potential damage caused and repair costs.

  • +150-MPH Wind Rating

An all-concrete structure with steel reinforcements at every opening can achieve over 200+ MPH wind rating and provide greater protection against tropical storms and hurricane force winds.

  • Lower Insurance Rates

The design and increased security and safety of an all-concrete structure can help reduce insurance premiums by up to 15% for marina owners and the boaters who store their vessels in a Safe Harbour Dry Stack.

  • Protection from the Environment

A fully enclosed facility offers greater protection from the elements, giving boat owners peace of mind and security in knowing that their vessel will remain safe and stay in top condition while not in use.


As an authorized Butler Builder, GCM Contracting Solutions and Safe Harbour Dry Stacks offers marina owners the best of both worlds. Covering both metal and concrete dry stack facility construction, we have the engineering expertise and technology to make virtually any building design or concept a reality.


Metal Butler Building

  • Versatile Design Options
  • Factory Punching
  • Staggered Panel Splicing
  • Weather-tight Seams
  • Flexible Ridges
  • Steel Rod Bracing
  • Acrylic Coated Structures


Concrete Tilt-Up Building

  • Steel-reinforced strength at every opening
  • Reach beyond 65 feet high with consistent strength
  • Faster build time helps control construction costs
  • Fosters confident financing
  • Delivers energy efficiency and lowering operating costs
  • Reduces both interior and exterior noise
  • Allows flexibility for design aesthetics and storage demands
  • Retains a greater resale value





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