Over the last 25 years Marinetek has built more than 2 000 marinas in 50 countries, from the Arctic Circle to the Persian Gulf, South East Asia and the Caribbean. Marinetek is one of the leading marina developers in the world. Due to its extensive service offering and product range, Marinetek can provide you a marina solution where we take care of it all and you get peace of mind for decades to come.

The Marinetek network of experts, subcontractors and partners guarantees reliability and the finest attention to detail. We take pride in the fact that no single unit has ever failed in any of the 2000 demanding projects delivered. See our References for more details on completed projects.




One of our central focuses is to pull together resources from around the world and deliver turnkey projects to our customers. In this way, we combine all of our services into one package. We take care of the whole life cycle of the project, leaving you to enjoy the results. Alternatively, you can choose to use our expertise for one specific area.


Properly and correctly drafted engineering documents for a marina or any floating structure project can result in significant savings at the marina construction stage and throughout the lifetime of the project. This type of forward planning ensures you choose the right products and optimise the marina layout for your property. Every marina and floating structure project is unique, so planning must be specific to each individual project.


Marinetek will design and engineer your marina using an experienced design team including recognised experts who have designed, built and managed marinas on four continents.


Marinetek has more than ten pontoon and equipment manufacturing locations around the world and can thus optimise the supply and delivery of every order.


To ensure Marinetek products function perfectly right from the beginning and to avoid any risks of malfunctioning during the delivery and long life cycle of the product, we strongly recommend that all products are installed by professionals. The Marinetek team comprises well-trained, licensed installation professionals serving clients all over the world. The installation team will be responsible for all installation related areas, such as logistics, anchoring and diving inspections, and installation of pontoons, access bridges and utilities.

Project Management

Marinetek has completed several hundred large turnkey marina projects throughout the world for over 15 years and offers its experience and know-how for Project Management services. The global network of Marinetek professionals ensures a marina project can be carried out more easily and more economically with top quality results. Marinetek’s Project Manager can handle the most critical pontoon related parts of a project or execute the whole marina project as a turnkey solution.


If a marina is to function well during its entire life cycle, it is important that all equipment is correctly installed. A Marinetek Supervisor can do just this. Marinetek offers installation supervision for all medium and large scale projects. We recommend that any crew installing Marinetek products or anchoring for the first time take advantage of this service. Marinetek’s qualified experts and global network guarantee fast response and a full service all over the world. With the correct instructions and supervision you can ensure the right methods of installation and make best use of your Marinetek products. Experience has clearly proven that properly supervised installation projects are finished on schedule, the number of faulty installations is reduced and the material and installation costs are lower.