Marina Management

Customized to fulfill the specific needs of marinas, such as boat storage and billing, reservations and launch management.


Sales Management

(Boat and Major Unit Sales)

Designed to help you oversee major unit inventory, track purchase orders and receivables, manage prospects (CRM), and guide/track your sales team.


Financial Management

Financial Management helps all areas of your business that generate accounting entries that feed into the General Ledger, with a full audit-trail capability.

Service Management

(Work Order Processing)

This can be used to manage estimates and convert them into work orders with just a few steps. Templates can be defined to eliminate repetitive entry of the same tasks.


Inventory (Parts) Management

Provides all the necessary tools for efficient inventory tracking, including purchasing, integration to point of sale and integration with the service management (Work Order) features.


Lead (Prospect) Management

Lead management allows you to easily assign prospects to sales team members, monitoring follow-up activity, letters, and emails. Fully integrated with the Boat (Major Unit) Sales module, as well as Service (Work Order Processing) and Marina Management (Storage and Billing).